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May 7, 2013

Ways to feel more attractive

Boost your confidence by being kind and gentle enough, to let your unique inner beauty show..
-Practice being kind. Commit to look at yourself through kind eyes everyday, so you learn how to focus on the positive aspects of your appearance. Size up wisely.

-Learn what works for you. Get to know your body shape first and you will learn what works and what accentuates the parts you don't like. 
 -Affirm yourself, don't look to others for affirmation. Who you see in the mirror and what you think is all that count. Other people often have a screen over their eyes -of thoughts, worries, doubts, and distractions- so it's best to let your sense of self come from within instead of waiting for external gratification. Affirmation work even when you don't believe them. They create positive tension.

-Fake confidence. There is a difference between feeling confident and projecting confidence. Not everybody feels 100 percent confident 100 percent of the time. Make a habit of faking it, after awhile it will stick.

-Redefine your concept of beauty. Pick out what you think is beautiful and let yourself fit into that category. If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you can allow yourself to be all you want and feel to be -beautiful.

-Adopt a gratitude attitude. When you take stock of the bounty in your life, you create more of it.

-Put on a smile. When you smile, you connect with everyone around you and it's contagious. Spread it.

-Feed your soul. When you attempt to absorb all the beauty and wonder around you, you can't help but be wrapped in it. Enrich yourself.

Tip: Never underestimate the power of cute undercover clothing, every time you pull off your outer gear and see them, is a sure guarantee to make your day. Don't laugh -it sure does work for me! Feeling beautiful in our own littlest of ways is fuel enough to attract big positive ways. Borrow a leaf and share in the secret.

Wishing you beauty and luck.


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