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May 6, 2013

Up Your Self-Esteem.

No matter how you feel about yourself, where you came from or whatever happened in your past, you can still do what needs doing right now. It's okay to feel anxious, depressed, scared, angry or lazy as long as you don't let it stop you from doing what you have to do. 99.9 percent of behavior is controllable and you are morally responsible for every single thing you do.

 People who lack self-esteem lack it because they haven't taken enough risks and haven't succeeded enough. Taking preliminary steps are less rewarding if not deceiving: you pick from countless tests for measuring self-esteem and find techniques for raising it. Most programs teach you to recite affirmations, visualize success and heal wounds from the past. This actually distracts you from doing what needs doing. 

No one can talk you into feeling good about yourself, you get solid good feelings from success and that springs forth from action. What you need to do and what is going to bring your success that will make you feel good about yourself.

Knowing what needs to be done is having purpose. Like where would you like to be next year, month, week, or later in the day? What do you need to get there? If you got firm grasp on your purpose when your feelings are swaying you, then you can keep your behavior directed and the experience will lift your self-esteem.

Something to note; "Reality-esteem" is a more solid basis for living than "Self-esteem." We keep changing, feelings come and go. We aren't particularly deserving of esteem sometimes yet reality sustains us. So the notion  that "I am an independent, self-made person" is distorted. And just in case you feel really screwed up, it's okay to feel down and horrible. But, what do you need to do next? "that is the question" what needs doing next!

Reality will gives us feedback about what we are doing that is useful and what is not paying off. It just keeps coming with fresh moments, one right after another. What we do with such fresh moment is up to us. Just take action, being constructive will transform your life.

"Self-esteem isn't everything, it's just that there is nothing without it." -Gloria Steinem


Dennis Kimathi said...

Really enjoyed reading this post. "you get solid feelings from success and that springs forth from action".I want to take action and fulfill my purpose on a daily basis,and to the entirety of my livelihood.

Warda Jebet said...

Thank you and i am glad you are relating to the post. Taking some action is the way to go. Wishing you success and fulfillment in your journey.

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