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July 12, 2013

Priorities -the trend of the day

What are your priorities and how faithful are you to your set targets? Well, we are all made up expectations and achievements to which if you lack this quality of being, then woe to you, woe in regard of the venom you will be spitting towards those who got it good going for them.
Ever wondered why some people are bitter, emotional and seem not to see anything positive or amusing in other people or the environment around them? Frustrations is the proper word, and that my friend, is a product of lack of purpose in one's life. They don't have a life, just a shadow of who might have been. Always comfortable riding duo, seated on the passengers seat and aligning it to suit their comfort. Yes, the kinda type who will fill you in about so and so to tit bits or spend the entire day on social media if not tying to incite people, then busy complaining about everything that crosses their path.

July 9, 2013

The Big Question

At what age should sex education begin? This is a topic that most parents still shush about. But the truth of the matter is, shying off or being stern and withholding information about sex and sexuality will not keep children safe, it will only keep them ignorant.

Parents will forever want the best for the children but times are changing and there are lots of misinformation learned from peers or found on the internet. Media is a major part of our daily lives and two out of three shows include sexual content to an extent that teens relate to the episodes as normal, and older adolescents tend to mimic the sexual themes from the shows. Teenagers get drawn easily and this is where the ignorance mature.

July 2, 2013

Quarter-Life Crisis

 Just yesterday i was all excited, optimistic being the second half of the year, new month and week in tow. When it hit me how time is flying, the years slipping by, what about age and aspirations? If you are big twenty something or once were, um sure you will relate to this, if not yet, your time is drawing.. tick tock tick toc... the clock's ticking.

I call it reality check, they call it "Quarter-life crisis" it's when you slow down and look over your shoulder and you don't relate with anything surrounding you. Yes, you start to question every little detail, from situations to people's behavior and even your own family and friends. Everything becomes less fun, colorless and stretches to tasteless.

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