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July 2, 2013

Quarter-Life Crisis

 Just yesterday i was all excited, optimistic being the second half of the year, new month and week in tow. When it hit me how time is flying, the years slipping by, what about age and aspirations? If you are big twenty something or once were, um sure you will relate to this, if not yet, your time is drawing.. tick tock tick toc... the clock's ticking.

I call it reality check, they call it "Quarter-life crisis" it's when you slow down and look over your shoulder and you don't relate with anything surrounding you. Yes, you start to question every little detail, from situations to people's behavior and even your own family and friends. Everything becomes less fun, colorless and stretches to tasteless.

You stop going with the crowd, start to focus on yourself only to realize that there are many things about you you didn't know and may not like. You look at your job, it's far from what you ever thought of doing, thoughts of considering to salvage your profession scares you off the hook, just figuring how to go back to the bottom to fix it.

You laugh and cry with the greatest force of your life. You feel stuck, alone, insecure, selfish, doubtful, maybe single with no decent potentials on the horizon yet. You wonder where your life will be in a year or two, and that worsens it, you don't even know where you are at the moment!

What you may not realize is that everyone around relates to what you're going through, trying to figure it out, balance reality and emotions. To sort out the financial and future drafts. And while coming out of it would be great, right now, you'd pass for a contender.

I attest to this, it's damn true. I'm around the block myself, tryna handle it the best way i can, just had to share so you know you ain't alone. Change is not an enemy. The past is drifting away, collect yourself up, Reconfigure your value system, the future is waiting with open arms. Some will call it wisdom, i say it's the reality of the real world.

What is your quarter-life experience?


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