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July 12, 2013

Priorities -the trend of the day

What are your priorities and how faithful are you to your set targets? Well, we are all made up expectations and achievements to which if you lack this quality of being, then woe to you, woe in regard of the venom you will be spitting towards those who got it good going for them.
Ever wondered why some people are bitter, emotional and seem not to see anything positive or amusing in other people or the environment around them? Frustrations is the proper word, and that my friend, is a product of lack of purpose in one's life. They don't have a life, just a shadow of who might have been. Always comfortable riding duo, seated on the passengers seat and aligning it to suit their comfort. Yes, the kinda type who will fill you in about so and so to tit bits or spend the entire day on social media if not tying to incite people, then busy complaining about everything that crosses their path.

That aside. Back to priorities. Today i woke up early as usual, prepared my dude for work and dropped him off just to be back in time for the media breakfast with the president. To be brief about it, i love our current governance. The initiative itself is an indicator of a responsive government that is willing to open up more to be understood and prove itself. Well, not all will agree to this view of mine from what i saw trending on twitter today! It's pretty interesting just how Kenyans can get personal, anyway, that's a story for another day.

This country is headed in a different direction, but it'll take a lot more patience and positivity from it's citizens to embrace the change and see it manifest. Comfort zones are dangerous, and that is where Kenya have been basking overtime. Change sounds an alien-ish word, that a majority are aroused and negativity rules the order of the day complaining about this or that instead of taking up the challenge, figure it out and work with it to perfection. Nothing ever comes easy, many at times, something got to give. All i noted today is someone and his team trying to own up, prioritizing Kenya!

Priority is anybody's business, and can differ a great deal but at the end of the day, we all aspire to be someone, somewhere, safe, and aligned in this journey of life.  Noting that how we start is not the same way we will finish, let's prioritize that thought. Happy priority day, Kenya.


Dennis Kimathi said...

I agree with you. We've got to be positive with this leadership. whining and striking wont do us any good. In swahili they say, 'mabadiliko ni aushi'.

Warda Jebet said...

On point Dennis. Like i said, something got to give :-)

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