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September 27, 2013

We Are One

Howdy, it is with utmost regret that i haven't written for quite a while but may it be of assurance to you that Writeous Warda's blog still stands, and just as life has its ebbs and flows, its ins and outs and its highs and lows.

Talk of seasons and my heart gets clouded with grief over the later events that unfolded at the Westgate Mall last Saturday 21st, September. Kenya mourns. Such evil but God reigns forever more. The terrorists might have taken over our building and disrupted our lifestyle, but they never succeed in breaking our spirit. Surprisingly, it brought us more closer and united.

May all be well with those who were injured, traumatized and lost souls. To all the families and friends, i pray for you and pray with you. We are one. We will rise through God who strengthens us. No act of cowardice and terrorism will ever make us any less.

Alone you can do so little, together we did much. The spirit of the departed will stay with us. It will take sometime but as we get back at our feet, lets stay vigilant and pray hard for our country and neighbors. Lets also recognize and appreciate the efforts of the security personnel, rescue agencies, the media and many Kenyans of goodwill who stepped in to volunteer, all risking their lives. 

I just love the positivity of one tweet by Kenyan Facts.. "The day the Westgate mall re-opens,we will be there and we will shop,have coffee and enjoy the hospitality."

Finally, i want to acknowledge a few of my readers who contacted me and expressed their concerns. I promise to be fair and maintain the flow of your readership no matter what. I learn from the past and remake Writeous Warda.

Stay united.


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