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June 25, 2013

Are You Emotionally Successful?

Recent days, every time i meet with friends my age or older, the topics tend to revolve around frustrations. Whether it's in the office or out and about, lots of people confess to being more stressed, mainly due to poor service, poor management and unprofessional attitudes. Yet, most service providers employ graduates who are highly educated everyday.

Is something missing or are we just subject nostalgia? And if truly something is really amiss, who is to blame? Is it parents, teachers or the government? When you look at the education system today, something is not right. They teach children how to pass exams but take no time equipping them for life, decisions-making and creativity. Who said we all have to go to university to become successful? Take a look around you, funny, most of the successful people didn't even graduate and some went back to school after they achieved their life goals.

June 21, 2013

Recipe for Success in Our Relationships

The result of the new empowered woman has brought good and enough damages as well. Relationship wise, we are totally stuck if not hurt and both male and female are drifting far away from each other and succumbing to unhealthy relations and perceptions.

Women of today are raised to be strong, proud, opinionated and dominant. Men on the other hand aren't programmed to embrace or prefer an emasculating, dominant woman who is better than them at many endeavors. Frustratingly, majority seem to be biologically if not biblical, attracted to supportive, polished housewife over the challenging, feminist who tirelessly competes on equalizing the man.

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