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July 9, 2013

The Big Question

At what age should sex education begin? This is a topic that most parents still shush about. But the truth of the matter is, shying off or being stern and withholding information about sex and sexuality will not keep children safe, it will only keep them ignorant.

Parents will forever want the best for the children but times are changing and there are lots of misinformation learned from peers or found on the internet. Media is a major part of our daily lives and two out of three shows include sexual content to an extent that teens relate to the episodes as normal, and older adolescents tend to mimic the sexual themes from the shows. Teenagers get drawn easily and this is where the ignorance mature.

Teenage pregnancies are but curiosities turned sour and who is to blame? Assuming that kids don't know this kinda stuff is just as good as giving up on them instead of earning their trust by letting them find a room in us. Sex talk between parents and teenagers should be welcomed, asking questions, watching something together and hearing their opinion. One will be surprised at how much they know. Let your voice be real to your child such that when the outside world try to feed them they are able to tell apart.

To save this Generation, sex education should start early and progress with stages. 

>1st stage -need to learn the proper names for their body parts, the difference between good touch and bad touch.  
>2nd stage -puberty and their changing bodies, internet safety, and the harmful impact of bullying.  
>3rd stage -body image, reproduction, abstinence, contraception, HIV and disease prevention, communication, and the topic they most want to learn about: healthy relationships.

Sex topic may not be easy but addressing it bit by bit and being truthful and warm as parents, older siblings, society and media is fundamental. When young people receive such education, they are more likely to delay sexual initiation, and to use protection when they do eventually become sexually active, than those who receive no sex education or learn only about abstinence. Every child have the right to lead a healthy life and to become sexually healthy adults. It's our mission, a duty to be fulfilled and equip them Emotionally too!


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