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May 21, 2013

The dangling issue: Men and Football

Personally, i once tried being a fan and kept up the pace but got burnt out. Maybe the team i supported, Arsenal, didn't do me much justice or i never understood it at all.

Dangling indeed. Wish i could start with positives but loosing your boyfriend, hubby or even a girlfriend to a football game can be emotionally draining. It's a hobby, yes, but the energy and commitment unleashed can send any woman feeling alienated, frustrated and angry. Some men even go to an extent of choosing their team over their partners. As if that ain't something, we acquire the title football widows!

Men, they live and breath football. It's a mystery because what needs are being met? or what yearnings in the man are being satisfied by watching a group of men kicking a round ball about, hour after hour, week and months on end? The hype of ritual heading to matches with friends and watching endlessly is over-the-top. Trash talking, cheering, crying, insulting, fighting and hugging? and you thought men never showed their emotions?

There is a written book titled, Not Now Honey, I'm Watching the Game -by Kevin Quirk, who admits that a Super Bowl Sunday fight with his wife triggered marital counseling and ultimately ended his marriage! If only i could get hold of it, maybe Kevin's trying to spell out the damages, a better way to it, or some insights for women lot like me to understand or compromise. That's another homework.. he he!

May sound silly, but a man will buy a newspaper, read the sports section then politics later. They love football, read football, write football, and even play football -play stations, laptops and phones. Obsessive! If only they'd put as much energy and effort into their relationships as they do football, we'd be more than willing to throw in a football buffet.

To wrap it up. It's all about the damn ball. With no straight forward answers, maybe, just maybe.. give it some room. The next time he sits to watch the big game, sit next to him and ask about the players, the story behind the football soap opera. It might turn out less boring or at least make something out of it.

Dangle or stick up!

Football, if you can't crack it, play footsie and travel up. A new team in the making! ha..


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