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May 8, 2013

Take Control: Reconfigure Your Value System Today!

             It is possible to work and enjoy life at a go.

We all have different priorities and value systems. A well defined value system is a moral code. The way we value different things in our lives. Each thing you like or dislike, and the importance each has to you, merges to form your unique value system.

Our value systems are constantly at work, developing through what we are taught and our experiences, combined with our reactions to them, forming our preferences and our unique perspective on life. To achieve work-life balance, we need to live a life where we work and enjoy life in a way that grows us individually and financially.

So, how do we nail this? The values we live by are connected to what is important to us, thus we need to fix our value system by changing the way we value various things in our life. Otherwise, we will experience inner conflict because we have not determined which values are important to us, and every choice we make will not flow from a firmly held belief about that area of life. From strongly held values comes a greater ability.

Do a time audit. What are you doing with your time? Record every activity and divide them into categories, color coding each category helps to give a visual representation of your weekly activities. What activities occupies you in your 24 hour day, your 120 hour working week? Doing this exercise over a month highlights your priorities and shows you where you are wasting time. Done properly, a time audit will also start to indicate your value systems. 

Reflect and repeat. What activities form part of your value system but need to change? We are human, so we do things that add no value but are "fun." The trick is moderation. Write down the activities that you need to change and start adjusting your lifestyle overtime. Repeat  the time audit after a few months on to see the changes you have made. Work-life balance is about finding the balance between financial independence and personal growth.

Take control.


Dennis Kimathi said...

Our values take time to embed into our daily routine, but once they are in us it will be long before we lose them. Acquiring good values eventually transforms us into great people.

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