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June 21, 2013

Recipe for Success in Our Relationships

The result of the new empowered woman has brought good and enough damages as well. Relationship wise, we are totally stuck if not hurt and both male and female are drifting far away from each other and succumbing to unhealthy relations and perceptions.

Women of today are raised to be strong, proud, opinionated and dominant. Men on the other hand aren't programmed to embrace or prefer an emasculating, dominant woman who is better than them at many endeavors. Frustratingly, majority seem to be biologically if not biblical, attracted to supportive, polished housewife over the challenging, feminist who tirelessly competes on equalizing the man.

 One thing, straight men are attracted to women. Curves, joyful, youthful, fertile, dressed up women are what catches their visual eye. The other thing, to ignore centuries of sexual selection strategies evolved to be hardwired into our primitive and emotional brain centers isn't superior or enlightened thinking. Even with many of us wishing our biology would catch up to our culture preferences and progress, ignoring what is for the sake of what should, is a recipe for failure in our relationships.

As women biology's preferences to be loved by a man battles with the feminist to be equal to a man, something got to give. It's a decision of wanting to be right vs. wanting to be happy. Knowing the rules of the game and playing it to your perfection, will not only win a heart but keep your man interested.

Kicking butt in the outside world, but if you do not dress up and make your man feel like king of the castle who is adored, respected, needed and sexually desired, you will be left for the secretary or the anonymous girl. You can dismiss such facts in the name of being right or you can get on with the old evolutionary program and be happy.

Women can be strong and still be women. In fighting for feminist equality, we squish the delicate, feminine, special strengths only women can posses. We dismiss our sexuality, our softness, our nurturing abilities in homage of characteristically male strengths. But equal? We are complimentary to each other but we are still very different.

We are creatures built for relationships and choosing to be happy, to enjoy pair bonding with a desirable sexy male is the best fulfillment ever not even money or power can replace. It is essential to be loved, heard, respected, cared for and adored, especially, by the partner you've chosen for yourself.

Choose to honor his differences, smell nice, dress up, laugh at his jokes. Once in awhile, play into his need to be needed(even as your feminist gags), ask for his help. Rock occasional cleavage and stilettos, despite years of training not to objectify yourself, should you be annoyed at how visual he is or feel lucky to at least know the rule of the game?

In accepting his biology, you understand his involuntary habit of checking out other women occasionally and appreciate his difficult choice to be monogamous. Communicate your needs without expecting him to be a mind reader. Try not to nag, that way you allow him to come home to a peaceful house.

In return, he'll be motivated to honor and try to understand your biological preferences. You will be cherished. Need i say more?

Find balance, nurture your inner feminine and honor his inner masculine. While embracing feminism success and strides and keeping it far away from the relationship. It's not easy but worth it.


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